Why Using Yogurt As A Vaginosis Treatment Can Make Your BV Worse

http://www.vaginosiscure.org/why-using-yogurt-as-a-natural-vaginosis-treatment-can-make-your-bv-worse/- Why Using Yogurt As A Natural Vaginosis Treatment Can Make Your BV Worse

Most women throughout their lifetime have experienced Bacterial Vaginosis at least once. So you see, it's more common than you might think. It seems like it would never go away for some women. Also many keep on using over-the-counter and prescribed medicine as a means of Vaginosis treatment.

Despite using prescribed medicine as a Vaginosis treatment, the Bacterial Vaginosis keeps on recurring. If you've never experienced Bacterial Vaginosis, please know that you are blessed or should I say, lucky. The itching, fishy odor coming from your private area, burning, and whitish/grayish (can be yellowish sometimes) discharge makes it a living nightmare.

There are several natural products that you can find in your home that can treat and get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis permanently. There are several steps that must be taken to make this work. Many women have testified to the fact that they have been completely healed using home remedies. So what about using yogurt? Can yogurt cure bacterial vaginosis?

Well, using yogurt or capsule/tables is actually one of the first of several steps of a natural Vaginosis treatment that you can use to get rid of BV permanently. You might be wondering… so if that is the case, then why has it been said that yogurt can make BV worse? Well, many woment are not educated on the fact that in order for yogurt to work, it MUST contain live yogurt cultures (lactobacillus acidophilus.

It must be the plain certified organic yogurt, the kind that you find in your local health food store. Not the kind filled with additives found in your local grocery store. If you use this kind of yogurt, you are just making it worse. Most women don't want to want to deal with the mess of putting yogurt in their private part.

If you feel that way, there is great news! There is a solution. You can use acidophilus inserts. The insertion of these products act as a great natural Vaginosis treatment that can help soothe the pain that comes from that horrible itch. In using this, the vagina is then repopulated with the Bacteria it needs to be healthy. So in conclusion if you purchase yogurt with additives, fruit, and all that other "Stuff, you are going to make the problem worse.

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