Why Bacterial Vaginosis Keeps Recurring How to Stop Recurrent BV

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There are many reasons Why Bacterial Vaginosis Keeps Recurring. There is a lot you can do so as to stop this from happening. If you want to treat your recurrent bacterial vaginosis and stop it from ever recurring then i suggest you use the methods recommended in the guide above.

I took a one week treatment for bacterial vaginosis; it was Metronidazole twice a day. I was much better, but 3 weeks later I feel the symptoms coming back and getting worse again. Is this normal? I haven't done anything so I'm not sure if I should be worried that the pain and symptoms are still not gone, after so much time and treatment.

Treating bacterial vaginosis is not that difficult! In fact, in most cases, the infection will go away without you doing anything. The problem usually comes when the infection becomes recurrent. Treating recurrent bacterial vaginosis is actually the difficult side of BV and is always the main topic of discussions in many online health forums.

As you can see from the question above, many women do suffer from recurrent bouts of BV. So how can you actually get rid of this infection for good? To have an idea on how to stop BV from recurring, you have to first know what causes this infection in the first place and what makes it to keep recurring.

To begin with, you can get BV from just about anything; sex, sitting on a toilet seat, etc could lead to a change in the pH level down there. And once you get it and do not take proper care of it can easily come right back. With a bacterial infection you only need one tiny little critter to survive the treatment for it to flare up again. So it is very important that you take good care of the infection the very first time you get it. However you don't need to be so down or frustrated when the infection reoccurs! It's really no fault of yours; you've done nothing wrong. You just have to try to treat it more aggressively.

This May Be Why Your Bacterial Vaginosis Keeps Recurring!

If you have unprotected sex with a guy, they can give it right back to you. So make sure your boy friend also get treated so he doesn't keep giving it back to you. And you also have to watch your diet very closely. If you are diabetic then bacterial vaginosis may happen much easier. Usually having a high sugar diet will cause it to come back again and again. If it persists, see and ask help form your doctor, as only they can help.

Eventually if one has it long enough, then it is not uncommon for the condition getting into the entire body at much higher concentration and that is very difficult to get rid of. Plus it makes the entire body to eventually be in a poorer immune situation, if that ever occurs. So, take the medicine as it should be taken, and then follow the doctors recommendations, to the latter.

Bacterial vaginosis can also become more prominent when one is put on antibiotics, (and often) or is just not getting enough rest/sleep, been ill otherwise, or definitely (not eating an appropriate diet.) take care of yourself, first!

Over The Counter Drugs

Apart from home made cures for BV you can also try over the counter drugs. You can buy the medicine for BV at the drug store without a prescription. It should be near the tampons, sanitary pads, and other "feminine" health products. It has to be inserted into the vagina, but it is easy enough, even for a virgin. If over the counter drugs do not work then your best bet will be to try out home remedies.

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