Using Reusable Douche, Hydrogen Peroxide and Plain Yogurt for Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

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Using Reusable Douche, Hydrogen Peroxide and Plain Yogurt for Treating Bacterial Vaginosis is effective and have worked for a good number of people but if you really want to treat your recurrent bacterial vaginosis and stop it from ever recurring i suggest you use the methods recommended in the guide above.

Okay, so the question is straight forward. I need to know how to treat a reoccurring bacterial infection from home. Due to recent events I no longer have insurance and with the economy the way it is the price for medication is out of the question. I have heard there are ways to get rid of it in a week and it won't come back? Please, can someone help?

If you read around the internet you will find a lot of women complaining about recurring bacterial vaginosis. It's not uncommon to read similar questions like the one above. In this article I will give you some few tips and tricks on how to cure BV and stop it from recurring and the recommendations I give here are from my personal experience. I have suffered with this for a couple months. I've tried a lot of stuff some worked well and some not so well. Some of the methods that actually worked for me I will outline them in this article so that they can also help other women who are suffering from this bad and uncomforting infection.

Do you actually have bacterial vaginosis? Before you begin any type of treatment you have to first of all be sure you have BV. Make a proper diagnosis with your doctor so you don't end up treating something you don't have. Is it that foul smelling odor that just makes you feel icky? Once you have diagnosed the infection it is time to begin your treatment. The method that I used is kind of gross but so far it has worked and never come back!

1- Hydrogen Peroxide And Plain Yogurt For Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

What you do is get some plain (NOT vanilla) yogurt. Plain yogurt is the cheap stuff that usually comes in a big tub. You can eat it, but I'm not entirely sure that is very effective that way. I suggest you dip a tampon in the yogurt, and then insert it quickly. Remember your going to have to be quick because the tampon will expand and you won't have an applicator. Also, rub it on affected areas.

You can do this during the day and leave it for a few hours and you will quickly notice results. At least this will ease the symptoms. My suggestion to you is to do this during the day and then leave it in at night for 5-7 days. Even if you don't have any symptoms keep doing it for 5-7 days. You want to make sure you completely get rid of it.

I'm sure if you want more info on the yogurt tampon you can Google it. I know it's a little gross, but this method definitely worked like a charm for me! Essential your vagina has a bacterial imbalance and yogurt has the good bacteria in it that helps fight off the bad bacteria that is causing this sort of infection. Give this a shot and if you suspect you're coming down with this again (which you definitely shouldn't) but if you do you know now how to treat it quickly.

2- Using Reusable Douche And Filling It With Half Water Half Hydrogen Peroxide In Getting Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis

One of the best methods I found for curing bacterial vaginosis was buying a reusable douche and filling it with half water half hydrogen peroxide. I did this once a day when I was showering. It works kind of good and the good thing about this method is that it's affordable! It took all the symptoms away completely. I also started taking a daily pill called Pro-B Rephresh that they sell at walgreens/cvs/walmart.

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