Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C

Vitamin C pitted head-to-head against antibiotics for bacterial vaginal infections.

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The saturated fat video I mentioned can be found here: Bacterial Vaginosis & Diet (

There’s another way to get vitamin C into the body, dripped directly in the vein. Does that actually do anything? See:

• Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients (
• Vitamin C Supplements for Terminal Cancer Patients (
• The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer (

For those of us who prefer to get vitamin C the old-fashioned way, through the mouth, and in foods rather than supplements, the question becomes What is the Optimal Vitamin C intake? (

For those considering taking oral vitamin C in supplements instead, make sure you watch this video first: Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds but Cause Kidney Stones? (

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