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Bacterial Vaginosis Medication – Over the Counter Medication for Bacterial Vaginosis

Women commonly try and treat their own maladies but an over the counter medication for Bacterial Vaginosis should be avoided and here's why; bacterial vaginosis can have varying degrees in all women. How would you know which OTC medication will work? How would you choose an ingredient that will not have adverse effects on your body?

The most common types of Vaginitis are Bacterial Vaginosis and Candidiasis also known as a yeast infection. Both have similar symptoms but are very different. Non-prescription products and anti-fungal creams with ingredients like clotrimazole and miconazole are common grab and go products shelved in most stores to treat these infections. But over the counter medications should be avoided especially for Bacterial Vaginosis because it causes more re-occurrences than cures.

The ingredients in these OTC products are the key; most of these items contain ingredients that simply will not and can not eliminate the bacterial vaginosis infection. Why spend money on an over the counter product for bacterial vaginosis when it definitely won't work? These products do not deal with the underlying root cause and therefore you'll experience re-occurring bacterial vaginosis infections time and time again.

The popular over the counter medication for bacterial vaginosis can also have side effects including excessive itching, nausea and stomach cramps. Does this sound like an over the counter medication for bacterial vaginosis that you want to purchase?

The alternative treatments include all natural products that restore the flora balance in the vagina. Garlic, goldenseal, slippery elm and grapefruit seed extract encourage antifungal activity and fight off the infection.

To defeat this infection and completely eliminate it you must also avoid those foods which bacteria thrive on; sugar, various cheeses, beer and sugary beverages. If you don't rethink your diet you could be rolling the dice on re-infection. The same as if you double think the natural approach and instead choose an over the counter medication to eliminate your bacterial vaginosis.

Self-treatment can be accomplished successfully but only when you educate yourself on bacterial vaginosis. You must understand what this infection is, how to treat it and why a holistic natural approach is the best course of treatment. That is only the beginning because you must also make a lifestyle change to try and make sure you do not re-infect yourself.

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