8 Reasons Why You Have Feminine Odor Caused By Bacterial Vaginosis

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Ouch! My private part! It feels like it is on fire.

So you take your pain medication that is supposed to relieve the pain and help you to get rid of your Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms in a few days. However you are still in pain. You see that drug you think is your friend is anything but that. How did you end up with this feminine odor, odor that just seems to never go away? There must be something that you've done to create this madness. At least that's what you're thinking.

Well, there are pretty much millions of women nationally and internationally that suffer from this femine odor, a fishy smell that is a result of being infected by BV. Most of these women have no clue whatsoever what caused it, and they have asked the previously mentioned questions. Let me share with you eight causes of Vaginosis Bacteria.

1. Most women that suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis are sexually active and between the ages of
15-44. Guess what, it happens mostly with women women between this age group who have sex with someone new. Anyway, don't think that you have to sleep around to be infected by this. Women in monogamous relationships can be infected.

2. The type of underwear that you wear can contribute to that feminine odor that makes you want to pull your hair out. Many women like to wear thong, especially when they are wearing jeans. Hey, who wants to wear a "Granny Panty," when wearing jeans? You see, the thongs can cause Bacterial Vaginosis due to the chafing against the vagina and the anus. So what's the solution? Wear bikini unerwear or full cotton briefs.

3. Now the next reason is just simply having no regards for their body. A woman who does not take care of themselves. One that goes around with a smelly body besides the feminine odor created by BV should be ashemed of themselves…seriously. It's not difficult to take a shower everyday, even twice per day especially when the weather is hot and humid. Women who don't take care of themselves, who don't have proper bathroom hygiene may more likely get BV than other women.

4. Cigarette smoke can be a contributing factor to Bacterial Vaginosis in some women.

5. The use of an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control. This can also play a role in contributing to Bacterial Vaginosis

6. Vaginal douching with commercial products can cause BV also. Medical research has confirmed this. Most commercial douche products contain Surfactant detergents. Surfactrant detergents kill bacteria. It does this by breaking their cell structure. They also contain a lot of acetic acid and fragrance. Surfactrant removes important antibacterial elements on the vaginal cell membranes. This causes irritation of the vaginal wall lining. The only douche that you should be using is a natural douche without the chemicals peroxide.

7. The changes that takes place in our reproductive organs during pregnancy also can play a major role too.

8. Last but not least — stress. Stress can create illnesses that affects our bodies. It's also one of the major underlying factors that will cause a case of Bacterial Vaginosis. How can we avoid stress when we live in a stressful world anyway? Well we can only become conscious of the factors causing stress in our lives and work hard to eliminate them or decrease the amount of stress.

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